Last day of normal school tomorrow! (pretty much)

I am pretty pumped! College is on the horizon and life seems like it is whatever I make of it. I feel in control of my own destiny. I know that I am not, there’s a big guy in the sky that’ll help me out, but that does not stop me from feeling free! I’d like to thank all my teachers that have put up with ¬†me all these years and given me the tools to get me to this moment, you guys have made me who I am today! Thank you!


Learn to Drive Stick!!!

My dad stuck me in a car with a manual transmission with a total of half an hour of driving experience, and I’ve never been the same. I think more positively about myself, I have had more success at work, I workout more, and I feel more attractive.

Psych. Haha learning to drive stick does not give you any of those things, but it does give you this: peace of mind. Life is crazy sometimes and you never know when you will end up in a car that has three pedals on the floor. I mean, what if for some crazy reason, like society ending or something, you have to steal a car? Or a more plausible reason, you need to use somene elses car because yours is in the shop or otherwise unavailable. It’s just a handy skill to have around. Plus, it’s fun for some people. Talk to anyone who likes cars and they know how to drive stick. It’s kind of an enthusiast thing is some ways. By regulating the shifting, the driver has more control and is more in touch with driving. I would argue that driving stick is safer because the shifting requires constant alertness.

I love stick ūüôā

Thoughts on the NW

I have lived in Southwest Washington for all of my life sans my first six months. I haven’t traveled much, although I would love to and will in the future, so this is pretty much my life.¬†

The summers are the bomb! That song says it perfectly: sunny and 75. It’s doesn’t get blisteringly hot too much, but when it does, everyone has a blast with the many bodies of water that are out here. I have gone cliff jumping at molten falls plenty of times, and Battleground Lake is also a hot day destination. Plus, our neighbors have a nice pool that they let us use (sucks to suck you guys ;). The trees are also very enjoyable. I love forests in the sun, and Washington is basically a big group of forests. Going hiking and seeing the sun peer through the brush is the best.

Now to what I dislike about SW Washington. You guessed it, the rain. I can’t stand it. It sucks my life away. But I deal, and I always remember that summer is always less than a year away!

Mad Cow Disease: What You Need to Know Before it is Too Late

Mad Cow disease, or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, is an infection of the brian and spinal chord in cows. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease is a disease that humans can get from eating certain parts of a cow with MCD. Both diseases are fatal. In the late 90s, 180,000 cows got infected with mad cow disease and chaos ensued. There are only four deaths in the U.S. linked to mad cow disease, one of which happened recently to a man in Texas.

So…not too big of a concern for the average American, but better safe than sorry, right? So everyone should become vegetarian and we should make cows extinct. Yup, that is what I just said. This is a problem that has the potential to be an epidemic. What if, heaven forbid, cows mutate because of this strange disease and any human who contracts¬†Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease become a cow human hybrid? What then?

The world should prepare for the overwhelming possibility of a cowpocolypse. It’s gonna happen. ūüėČ

15 things people don’t know about me

1. I’m in band, although most¬†of you probably know this

2. I did Karate for 5 years

3. I got knocked out once while doing karate

4. I once attempted to hot-wire a bulldozer

5. I used to be heavy into basketball

6. I work for a company  that rents out bouncy houses (yes you read that right, and I prefer to be called a bouncy house technician)

7. I did Math Olympiad and Math Counts in eighth grade

8. I failed PE in kindergarten because I would always try to explain the games we were going to play before the teacher could

9. In preschool I once told my fellow playmates that I thought the best thing about Starwars was Batman

10. I enjoy virtually all types of music, from dubstep to country (has to be the right song though)

11.  I wear a watch that I bought for four cents at Fredmeyer because of an error in their pricing database, it was worth forty bucks

12. I cut, stack, and sell firewood during the summer as part of my income

13. I put down my sunroof in my old Bimmer one time going down 503, and after driving a bit I heard a massive thunk; when I got home I found out that the sunroof had flown out of my car.

14. I enjoy metal working and fabrication

15. I have an outie belly button

Making this list has really made me think about where I’ve been and who I am. There have been bad times and good times, and I am happy that I am living where I am free to pursue my own interests and aspirations. I thank God for that, as he has given me a family and a country to live in that have let me become my own person.



The country mentality

Many people dismiss me as shallow because I enjoy country music. That is not the case. In fact, quite the opposite. I like country music becuase it is about the simple life, working with your hands, getting dirty, having fun, all while immersed in nature. There is nothing more fun to me than driving the back roads, soaking in the trees, the sun, the lack of traffic or time commitments. 

This is not to say that I do not want to go to college, I’m still a kid, and there is so much out there to learn, but once I am done with school and have a stable job, I will retreat to a cabin and raise a family in the peace of mind that nature provides. This is not to say that I am an isolationist, or that I am that introverted, but I want to get away from the hustle and the bustle of cities¬†and settle down, make a garden, and fix my own cars.

I want to be self reliant and a hard worker, which is what makes school so important to me. As an engineer I will have many of the skills I need to trouble shoot equipment and design my own tools/parts, and I will develop the more hands-on skills as I go, at least those I don’t already know. I really value ¬†physical work because it is very satisfying, and I want to expand on that and use these skills to personalize my life, building what I can, fixing what ¬†I can, and optimizing what ¬†I can.

I I want to function outside of society and conventional suburbanite culture so that I can get back to the roots of life, which include the quiet and peace that nature brings.